Sunday, March 13, 2016

Traditional Martial Arts and Lineage

Derived from the far East, some of the more prominent traditional martial arts came from China, Japan and Okinawa. These have been around for centuries and are tried and tested in combat; thus there is a strong lineage for these arts. I'm speaking of Kung Fu (gungfu), Okinawa Karate, Tode and Kobudo and Japanese Jujutsu and other samurai arts. Then, there are the recent combat systems - such as MMA, no lineage and it is even questionable if MMA can be classified as a martial art based on definition of martial arts. So, in this blog and others, we focus on traditional martial arts - the arts that have distinct lineage and philosophy - and if you are interested in training in martial arts, there is a good blog that focuses on Arizona, but all of the information should apply to most anywhere in North America.

Lady of the Shaolin, pencil sketch by Soke Hausel, copy

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